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Writing Evaluations

Writing Evaluations

Klein’s Classes will evaluate student-written essays from children in grades 4-12 and provide improvement suggestions.  Essays are submitted via email and an evaluation returned within 48 hours.

Please email Ms. Klein at for rates and availability.

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Dear Parents and Teachers
Here is how it works…access the online classes with the password that is on the inside cover of the textbook, Skills for Students’ Success. You will then have access to all online classes. I would sit with your child and view the 20-minute lessons with the book and highlight the book as you listen and watch the lessons.
•    I suggest learning from each chapter one at a time; however, Lesson 1 and Lesson 2 are okay to watch and learn back-to-back.
•    Lessons 3-8 should be covered in no more than one lesson per week. I spend at least one week on each lesson. Children learn best with one-on-one help and plenty of time for practice. Spend an hour on just the prewriting (making a web with details for the essay). Then the children need a break.
•    Write the rough draft with the notes from their web on day two and three. It will take my students one to two days with one-hour sessions to complete the rough draft. The essays should be handwritten.
•    Once all five paragraphs are finished, I then type up the essays if I am providing one-on-one help. If I am teaching an entire class, the children will type their own papers. I will have the children go over the typed rough draft and make corrections. I will then go over it with them to make final corrections.
•    I will type up their final draft (or they type up their final draft) and many times I will have the kids illustrate their essays.