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This is to say: thank you. You have been so good to our son, so perfectly right for him, so kind and caring and generous and thoughtful and wise. He will miss you, deeply: not an evening went by this fall without his offering up a ‘Ms. Klein this’ or ‘Ms. Klein that’; every mention of your name brought forth a wide and genuine smile. You’ve been to him a friend as well as a teacher; to him you’ve meant all the way to the stars. As his father, I can tell you true: what he cares about he cares about deeply, with all his heart- and my goodness, he cares about you. Thank you, then for taking him under your wing, and for making him feel the strength on his own. We will remember you always, not simply as a teacher but as one who wasn’t afraid of challenges, of work, of experience, and who wasn’t, in the end, ever afraid to be wholly and exquisitely herself.
— Tim Muskat (parent of middle school child)
..I cannot begin to express the joy my son experienced this year having you as his main teacher and role model. He learned so much from your teaching and from knowing you. As you know my son has struggled year after year in a couple of areas with little to moderate success. Not only did you recognize his struggles, but you immediately addressed them in a positive manner especially in the area of reading. As his parent, I cannot thank you enough for involving me in my son’s education. You have a great perception of the team concept of parent/teacher and the results they can and did produce. Your passion for reading and inspiration not only made us believers, but let the record show as recorded in my son’s last IEP review, that he rose TWO reading levels this year. This never happened before and we will continue this program at home. This success has brought up his self-esteem and self-confidence tremendously. You have also inspired him to write better stories and let him believe in himself, his imagination and his creativity…I thank you for caring and for your compassion. I thank you for noticing him and for paying attention to him. Some may say these are little things and that they don’t matter. They are wrong. They matter the most. I thank you for your tireless efforts to keep my son organized… He has cleared big hurdles this year and can focus more on these skills next year. He realizes the importance through your efforts. The steps you took to help prepare him better for next year at middle school are greatly appreciated…Your positive effect on your students is great
— Marna Smeltzer (parent of middle school child)
I know Audrey to be very outgoing and friendly as she relates to people. She appears to find people very interesting and enjoys the challenge of a variety of personalities and philosophies. She is not intimidated by others, regardless of their backgrounds and experiences, as she appreciates learning as much as she can from those with whom she comes in contact. Audrey establishes good rapport with children. She maintains good classroom management and is always in control of her classroom. She is kind and compassionate, but firm in her dealings with children. Students relate to her well and she is respected as a teacher. Audrey has good knowledge of the subject matter and uses a variety of teaching techniques to present the material. She has done some traveling that enhances her background. She is cognizant of various learning styles and abilities that are represented in a heterogeneous classroom. She plans instruction and activities to engage all children in meaningful learning. Audrey is aware of the social needs of children and works hard to provide guidance and support to help them develop into well rounded, contributing members of society. Audrey acts forthrightly in dealing with fellow employees, students, parents and administrative personnel. She willingly shares her ideas and does not hesitate to ask for suggestions to improve her teaching skills…Audrey is an excellent teacher who takes a personal interest in the quality of learning activities that take place under her direction.
— Jan Chambers (Principal)
Audrey demonstrates an outstanding awareness of individual and learning styles. She continuously self-evaluates her teaching and student achievement. Audrey consistently lets her students know she is there for support and concern, while encouraging maximum involvement of students in the learning process. She shows a genuine interest and respect for the personal worth of each student. Audrey is always complimentary to students’ achievement and accepts individual differences in students. Her discipline is firm but compassionate. Audrey’s excellent organizational skills involve consistency, flexibility and structure. Her building of background for lessons is always done in a superior manner. She reviews prior skills necessary for the lesson and her constant search for additional resources, along with her use of multidimensional materials, enables her to make her lessons extremely interesting and motivating. Audrey has positive relationships with parents, displaying tact when discussing different topics. She contacts parents as needed and encourages them to take an active part in their student’s education. Audrey is an outstanding team member…She demonstrates a strong professional commitment.
— Constance Green (Retired Teacher)
…Although Audrey and her students were untrained actors, she was able to motivate 24 fourth-graders to follow directions and act out scenes repeatedly. This project for Wishing Well Productions, “When I Grow Up I Want to Be a Teacher,” was originally budgeted for three days of filming, but largely due to Audrey’s approach to the project, professionalism, and strong presence in the classroom, the actual filming time took less than two days! Audrey had high expectations of her class throughout the entire project. The children were always sitting up straight, speaking clearly, and treating with me respect. Her approach to working with children made this the best group of young people with whom I have had the pleasure to work. I would not describe Audrey as a strict teacher, just that she has a way of communication with children to make them want to listen, follow, directions, and simply behave…It is obvious that her students deeply respect her.
— Paul Rosentreter (Video Producer)
Ms. Klein is the best teacher I have ever had. She believes in us kids – that we can do whatever we put our minds to…She helps me when I am stuck, she explains math problems. She is kind and caring. She runs for charity…She is so brave. She is my hero. Ms. Klein will never give up. She instills this belief in us. I know she loves her job because she believes in her kids! She is happy to be at school. She only gets mad if you do not have your work done. If you get Ms. Klein as a teacher, you should be so happy and keep in mind, you are fortunate that you get a teacher who cares.
— Laura (5th grade student)
Audrey recognizes visual functioning disorders. We work together to help children overcome obstacles for optimal learning. We work well together to provide corrective vision for students with special needs.
— Dr. Inger Gibson (Advanced Eye Care, Lake Geneva, Wisconsin)
…I am always impressed with the well thought-out connections Audrey makes between academic subjects and other learning experiences not found in the core curriculum. Ms. Klein consistently works in lessons on fine arts, health, and current events…One student’s parent commented that her child found the love of reading in Ms. Klein’s class. For the first time this little girl was excited about reading. Many words can be used to describe Audrey as a teacher, but one word really sums it up – professional. Ms. Klein embodies all the positive attributes that one would expect of an education, she is diligent, conscientious, flexible, creative, and full of common sense and integrity. Ms. Klein makes students her priority. She is a strong, positive role model for the children she works with. She models good planning, goal setting, hard work, and patience on a daily basis. These are life lessons that teach children how to become good citizens, one of our most important goals as educators.
— Cheryl Shirk (School Guidance Counselor)
Audrey has worked with students who have a variety of special needs. These include not only EEN students, but also students with language barriers and attention deficit concerns. For these students as well as others, Audrey has worked outside of the regular school day to both provide additional instruction as well as keep in contact with parents…Audrey is always punctual and carries out daily tasks independently
— Bill Lehner (Superintendent)